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It's that time of year: Christmas lights sparkle from windows, trees are festooned in decors and tinsel, Christmas music plays. Those looking for a greener lifestyle most likely have a tough time selecting the very best alternative for their Christmas tree - a genuine tree is a lot prettier and more natural, but what about the impact of growing and cutting a lot of trees at this time of year? An artificial tree can be used once again and again, however exactly what about the artificial materials and the plastics to be recycled when it is eventually gotten rid of?

One solution that lots of are finding is to utilize live trees as Christmas trees. These are trees planted in pots instead of cut, which can then be planted out in the garden after the vacation. They do not necessarily need to be the conventional Christmas tree pine or spruce. A growing number of people are discovering alternative indigenous trees that are attractive to use, which can then be planted out up until next year.

However trees in pots tend to be small, and the branches aren't always durable adequate to support lots of lights and decorations, so inexpensive tree stump grinding if you imagine a towering Christmas tree loaded with lights (LED lights of course!), exactly what about planting a big tree strategically in your garden as a long-term Christmas tree to utilize year after year? Select a native tree with a good condition. In South Africa, where pine and conifers are classified as invasive aliens, take a look at planting a lovely yellowwood. In Europe and America a conventional Christmas tree might be planted.

Then you can have the enjoyable of decorating your outdoor Christmas tree with all the lights and shine that you like for a glorious seasonal spectacle. The rest of the year your tree looks stunning too in all its natural green finery. Your live indoor tree can then be a best and small specimen in a pot, brought indoors at Christmas and stashed in the garden the remainder of the year. Or you can buy a brand-new live tree every year and contribute it to a tree planting job after the holidays.

If you are thinking of planting a big tree in your garden as an irreversible Christmas tree, keep in mind that it will need to be well cared for year round to take a look at its best for the vacations. Talk to your big tree nursery for guidance on the planting and watering suggestions for your specific tree types. But regular watering in summer season months will keep it green and healthy once it is well established it will require less maintenance. Likewise consider its planting position thoroughly. You desire a prime position in front of your home if it is to be displayed as a Christmas tree, and most likely one that you can appreciate from your windows to get the most pleasure from it, but you will also have to consider its eventual size and whether it will shut out light or turn into an overhead wires and cable televisions.

Whatever you decide on for your live Christmas tree, big tree or small potted variation, just by planting it and keeping it healthy you will be doing a bit to help the environment - always a favorable thing at this special season!