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When it concerns taking care of your Bonsai tree there are a few typical risks you ought to prevent in order to keep the health of your miniature tree. In this article we will talk about the most common problems experienced and methods to keep your Bonsai tree healthy. Depending on whether you Bonsai tree is deciduous or not will identify if it ought to naturally shred it leaves during autumn and the winter months. Obviously, if your Bonsai tree is an Evergreen then it ought to have leaves all year round. If you are concerned take a look at the colour of the leaves. Usually speaking, if they are yellow in look and brittle to the touch this symbolizes a lack of water. , if however they are yellow professional tree service and falling you may discover that you have actually been over watering your Bonsai Tree.


Depending upon its environment a Bonsai tree must be watered regularly. You ought to never let your Bonsai tree wither or end up being dehydrated. Similarly your Bonsai tree ought to never be saturated with water. Therefore adequate drain holes at the base of your Bonsai pot or container must be provided so as not to rot or damage the fragile root system. It's a good perfect then to get into the practice of watering your Bonsai tree a little everyday. Normally the soil should be damp, never ever dry and never ever saturated.

Your Bonsai Tree pot or container should be relative to the size of your tree. You do not need to utilize a devoted Bonsai tree pot or tray as these can be costly, however its important to make sure the size is best for your kind of tree. It's finest to avoid any pot or container that are internally glazed or shinny within. These are renown for not being well matched to a growing a Bonsai tree.

When you want to control the way its growing, do not be scared to prune your Bonsai tree. Pruning is good is what the art of Bonsai is everything about. Just make certain that there is lots of new development occurring prior to you sculpt your tree. Any undesirable branches must be pruned utilizing a sharp pair of secateurs and cut down to a bud. Any new branch will then take the instructions the bud is facing, thereby enabling you to shape and shape your Bonsai tree precisely how you desired.

Simply one word of warning. The art of Bonsai is to imitate the appearance of a naturally growing tree, but on a miniature scale. So don't be tempted to shape your Bonsai tree into some sort of unorthodox shape or pattern. You may just be sorry for doing so.